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Green spray preserves our nature

& protects our future.


What's GreenSpray?

GreenSpray is a spray system using no solvent propellants. The system operates with a special designed Engine. The Engine controls a constant flow. This results in a continuous flow-rate and drop-size during the complete can's lifecycle. Additionally the system has an automatic nozzle shut-off.

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How it works

Packaging innovation: N2 propelled continuous spray system for liquid and viscous products. Ingenious Engine device:
- No spitting or clogging.
- Ensures consistent flow over life time can.
Acturator and cap can be freely designed, engine is standard. Runs on existing filling lines without major changes.




Elimination of eco-unfriendly liquid gas propellants.
VOC-reduction ('VOC-55'-guideline)
Health gains as inhalation of main solvents are reduced.
Improvement of indoor air quality.
Facing the elimination of HFC's (HydroFluorocarbons).
Less fire- and explosion hazards during filling, transport & storage.

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